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Veterinary Services Supporting Healthy Animals

Veterinary Services Supporting Healthy Animals

Veterinary Services Supporting Healthy Animals Veterinary Services Supporting Healthy Animals



Corona Virus Update

COVID-19 UPDATE: 4/10/2020

So we are trying to stay up to date on all of the latest recommendations and news.  We recently were informed that we are now able to see appointments that need a vaccination that helps to protect the pet from certain zoonotic diseases.  A zoonotic disease is a disease that can be transmitted from an animal to a human.  For our small animal veterinary clinic this means specifically targeting zoonotic disease that is transmitted from a pet (cat or dog) to a human.  The main two diseases that fall into that category are Rabies and Leptospirosis.  So any pet that is due for their Leptospirosis vaccine is able to come to the clinic for their appointment to receive that vaccine along with whatever else they need.

The other "essential appointment" parameters still stand.  So sick animals or animals with a medical concern and puppies/kittens that need shots since they do not have any immunity are able to be seen.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding all of this, please don't hesitate to call or email us.  We are learning new information everyday and trying to serve you and your pets to the best of our ability.

COVID-19 UPDATE; 3/23/2020

Many of you have heard about the annoucement from the governor today strongly recommending people stay at home and the shut down of non-essential businesses.  We've had many people ask what that means for their pet's veterinary care.

We are considered an essential business, so we will stay open as long as we have staff that are healthy and able to work in the clinic.  But while we are an essential business, not all of our appointments are essential appointments.  We are contacting all people scheduled this week and next week to let them know the status of their appointment and if it falls into essential or not. If we have not called you yet, we are getting there.  We are working as quickly and efficiently as we can.

At Marshall Pet Care, the following appointments are deemed essential:

-Sick animal exams.

-Animals due for their rabies vaccine within the next month or those that are overdue.

-Puppy or kitten appointments with little ones that do not have an immunity built up from previous vaccines. (If we do not see these little ones, it is very possible we could have a horrible epidemic of potentially fatal disease like parvovirus or distemper several months from now in our young patients)

Non-essential appointments include:

-Nail trims

-Anal gland expressions

-Boosters of vaccines for patients over a year old that do not include rabies

In certain circumstances, appointments are are non-essential can become essential in a few weeks.  An animal that needs regular nail trims can't be seen at this time.  But if that same animals has nails that become too long and pose a risk for health and limping/pain, then that becomes an essential appointment.  Anal glands would fall in a similar category where they are not essential, but can progress to a point where they do become essential to prevent health problems.

If you are unsure, please just call us.  We are all in this uncharted territory together and just doing our best to help as many people as we can while staying safe.  If more than one or two of us were to contract COVID-19, it would shut down the whole clinic and then we can't help anyone.  Please be patient and please be understanding as we all try to figure out the best way to keep ourselves, our families and our pets safe.

Corona Virus Update: 3/16/2020

Attention!! Please read!!  NEW PROTOCOLS!!!

To all our valued clients and friends of Marshall Pet Care:

As the outbreak of coronavirus continues to evolve, we want you to know that we are adjusting procedures to ensure that we do our part to help our community stay healthy.  In addition to our mission of helping to keep your pets as healthy as possible, our other top priority is the health and safety of our clients and staff.  To this end, we are changing our protocol to the following to minimize contact and try to keep people as safe as possible while continuing to provide essential patient care.

As of Monday March 16th we are limiting entry into our clinic to just clinic employees as much as possible.  We will continue to provide veterinary service to our patients though!

To do this, please help out by reading the following:

When you arrive in the parking lot, please call us while you remain in your car. One of our veterinary technicians will speak on the phone to you to go over history, concerns, symptoms, and any questions you have regarding your pet (just as you would if you were in the clinic).  At the end of the phone conversation, a care professional will come to the parking lot to bring your animal into the building for evaluation for their exam and vaccinations.  

For routine wellness appointments, after your pet has been evaluated, you will receive a phone call to discuss the exam and any findings.  Your pet will be vaccinated and we'll double check if you need any medication for your pet.  Once that is all done we can take payment over the phone which is ideal.  We can take cash or check when we bring your pet back out to you in your car, but it's preferred to do a card transaction over the phone.

In the case of an animal that is sick or has a medical issue, we will come to the care to get your pet and we will do our evaluation while you wait in the car.  Then a doctor will you call to discuss our findings and recommendations  along with the cost.  Once we have the remainder of our diagnostics completed we will call again to discuss further findings and treatment recommendations.  From there we ask that you pay over the phone if possible.  If you need to pay by cash or check we will come out to the car with your pet and take payment from there, but we'd prefer to handle monetary transactions over the phone if at all possible.

We will refill medications at the clinic, but we strongly encourage our clients to utilize our online pharmacy. You can get to this through Facebook "Shop Now" button or click  on the button below to go to our online pharmacy.   Just something to keep in mind to better protect yourself and your family.  

We are doing our absolute best to continue providing caring and quality service, but in order to do this we need to keep our team healthy an we ALL need to limit close contact with others. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these times.